“Karuthaam Alappuzhaye”

Covid Immunization Intensive Program

In a situation where there have been many concessions in public life, valuable caution is essential for a safe life to coexist with Covid. We need to not only be aware about this and take preventive measures to stay safe, but it is also our responsibility to protect elderly people. ‘Karuthaam Alappuzhaye‘ initiative is being launched as a month long project starting from October 1st in the district to ensure availability to all the sections of the society, the means for mass prevention which includes masks, Sanitizer / hand washing, social distancing with more caution and also to take care of all age groups, bedridden patients, children, pregnant women and patients requiring critical care. Various programs have been designed with the active participation of people to ensure more precaution. Along with the various awareness activities, strict legal action will be taken against those individuals as well as institutions that do not follow necessary Covid protocols. Vigilance and restrictions will be tightened in markets and other public places. Various departments have been included for this purpose and a total of 12 squads will be operating at the block level.

I) Squads –
Formed under the Disaster Management Act, the squad will have the power to impose fines on inspection of the shops and markets. In addition to the Gazetted Officer who is in charge of the squad, the Police and the Health Department Officers will also be members in the squad. They also have the power to impose penalty for any kind of Covid violations on functions of private individuals, in addition to shops and markets. There will be a district level control room under the leadership of the DYSP to coordinate this. This contact number is open to the public to report Covid infringement information.

II) Jagratha Committee Empowerment- Jagratha Committees functioning at ward level will be empowered. One volunteer will be assigned and given responsibility for every 20 houses in all wards of the district and will be unified and implemented through the STAR Project (a volunteer program led by the sub-collector).

III) Karuthaam Vayojanangalae – The project will start on 1st October, which is the international day for elderly persons. It is the duty and responsibility of every individual to protect the district’s three and a half lakh elderly people from Covid. Hence this project is for taking care of their physical and mental health.

(1) Mask enna Vaccine— Masks to be distributed to elderly people between October 1 to 7. Masks will be provided to all elderly people in the various old age homes in the district. The Senior Citizen Protection Force (Covid 19 Volunteer Supporting Program) will be started along with this. Headed by – Department of Social Justice, Kudumbasree Mission.

(2) After delivering the mask to the desired category of elderly people, the children in each house will make them wear the mask properly and encourage them and other family members to take the oath and take the photos so prepared and subsequently share them. 9/10/20…
Headed by – Department of Education, Department of Social Justice.

(3) Diseases diagnosis camps specially for elderly people – Special camps for the elderly people with the help of Health and Family Welfare Sub-Centres in the District along with special care for palliative patients. 12/10/20.
Headed by –Department of Health.

(4) Snehita- A project that delivers aid to the elderly people and those living alone without the support of others after visiting their homes, knowing their needs and then making solutions. 13/10 & 14/10.
Headed by – Kudumbasree Mission.

(5) Nerkazhchakal- Starting on 10/10&11/10 – Competitions for the elderly – With the aim to protect the mental health care of the elderly, this project caters to their liking and their abilities and also encourages their writings containing Covid resistance messages, other works, the ingredients and recipes of the traditional cuisines need to be sent.
Prizes will be awarded to selected works and will then be used for subsequent campaign events.

This gives the elderly people an opportunity to share their realisations, experiences and concerns during the Covid times. Videos will be made and sent with the help of children.
In addition, inspiring videos of prominent seniors in various other fields giving confidence and hope to the elderly will be made and shared. Deadline for submissions is – 20/10/20
Headed by – Department of Social Justice

(6) Complaints Redressal Court for Elderly – Organize an online court to resolve maximum number of cases under consideration according to The MPWSC Act 2007 under Chengannur, Alappuzha Maintenance Tribunal (RDO Court).

IV) Karuthal – Anunasheekaranathiloode – Disinfection campaign will run for a week from Gandhi Jayanti. Disinfection program using bleaching solution (6 tbsp. per litre) in all homes, offices, and businesses in the district and other public places and markets for protection against Covid on Oct. 2.
Headed by – Different Departments.

V) Karuthalode Vangaam…….
This project, which will start on October 3, will ensure whether malls, shops, other business establishments and hotels in the district meet adequate Covid standards. Convincing merchant-industrialist and other organizations associated with and in conjunction with them to follow necessary Covid safety protocols and implement and oversee them in all institutions, finding inspirational model businesses in the style and provide encouragement.
Headed by: Local Self Governments, Health department, Police.

VI) Karuthalode Vipananam…….
This campaign starting on October 4 is focused on markets in the district.
Meetings of merchants and labours to convince and make them aware about the ill effects of not cooperating with Covid protocols in markets. Instructions regarding this will be given in the meeting and the Covid safety protocols will be implemented. The activities in markets will be observed closely and select model markets to replicate in other locations.
Headed by: Local Self Governments, Police.

VII) Karuthalode Thozhilidangal…….
This project, which starts on October 5th ensures adherence to preventive measures for people coming from various places working together in institutions like—Government-private offices, banks, factories, general institutions and assign departments/institutions to oversee the rules being followed and identify model institutions through testing and implement those activities widely.

VIII) Karuthalode Chadangukal…….
Starting on October 6th. Convince people of the importance of conducting essential functions like religious ceremonies, weddings, birthdays, and deaths with minimum and most important people only and thus helping to prevent Covid spread. Strict inspection and legal proceedings to be followed after conducting meetings with leaders of religious communities and other organisations. Those conducting the ceremonies in the ideal way needs to be recognised and lauded.
Headed by: Local Self Governments, Health department, Police.

IX) Karuthalode Adhitisuraksha…….
Beginning on October 7th. The aim is to prevent the spread of the disease among guest workers and thereby prevent the spread of disease through contact to others in the community. Work together with employers and contractors and provide instructions for activities and awareness. Follow up with accurate tests and implementation strategies.
Messages prepared in different languages are delivered to them.
Headed by: Employment, Local Self Government and Health Departments.

X) Karuthaam Theeranaadine…….
This project starting on October 8th aims to perform actions to protect people residing in the coastal regions from Covid. The population at the coastal areas are denser and hence more clusters are likely to be formed. The intention of this campaign is to implement Covid immunizations steps and to ensure their job protection. Reach out to Fishermen’s unions and other institutions related to the coastal people, act in connection with them to strictly follow the instructions at home and during the day and to put them into practice. A special district level squad will be formed for this purpose. This squad which also includes Officers from the Coastal Police and Health Departments will visit the coastal regions and ensure that Covid protocols are strictly being followed.

Follow-up activities of all these eight projects will be conducted from 17/10/2020 to 31/10/2020.
The messages of these events will be delivered in collaboration through various media to all homes, all people representatives and other volunteers with the participation of the people and organizations.

Meetings will be conducted for departments and organizations associated with each project along with other stakeholders working in connection with the activities. The squad mentioned in Part 1 monitors the entire campaign and takes the necessary steps followed by messages….
• Direct to individuals……
• Through online classes for children…..
• Through Radio TV Press………..
• Through social media………
• Through print media – Posters, Banners…………

Karuthaam Alappuzhaye‘……. with people’s participation……….