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Land accusation of vadappozhi bridge-Malsyaganthi junction approach road construction 05/03/2020 View (571 KB)
Land Acquisition-Thottappalli Naluchira Bridge 18/12/2019 View (1 MB)
Land Aquisition-Punnamada Nehrutrophy Bridge 18/12/2019 View (3 MB)
Land Acquisition-Makkekkadavu-Nerekkadavu Bridge Construction 26/10/2019 View (4 MB)
Land Acquisition-Kuttanad Taluk-Padaharam Bridge Construction 11/10/2019 View (2 MB)
Land Acquisition-Kuttanad Taluk-Thattasheri Bridge, Kavalam-Construction 11/10/2019 View (2 MB)
Volunteer Registration 10/08/2019 View (201 KB)
NTBR-2019 Cultural Programs 03/08/2019 View (350 KB)
List of Kerala Wifi(Kfi) Hotspot locations in Alappuzha 29/07/2019 View (101 KB)
Swathanthratha Sainik Samman Pension Holders and Beneficiaries Current List 18/07/2019 View (3 MB)