Revenue Department

  1. Criminal Procedure Code
  2. Kerala Forest Act, 1961 .
  3. Kerala Anatomy Act, 1957.
  4. Kerala Agricultural Pests and Diseases Act, 1958.
  5. Kerala Livestock improvement Act, 1961 .
  6. Kerala Panchayat Raj Act
  7. Kerala Protection of River Banks and Regulation of Removal of Sand Act,2001 8. Kerala Service Rules
  8. Kerala Civil Service (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules, 1960 .
  9. Financial Code . - .
  10. Account Code
  11. Budget Manual
  12. Kerala Public Services Act, .1968
  13. District Office Manual
  14. Village Office Manual 16. Survey Manual
  15. Election Manual
  16. Kerala State Sub ordinate Service Rules, 1958
  17. Kerala Police Act
  18. The Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956
  19. Payment of Wages Act, 1936
  20. Kerala Land Reforms Act
  21. Arms Act, 1959
  22. Kerala Survey and Boundaries Act, 1961
  23. Kerala Survey and Boundaries Rules, 1964
  24. Kerala Minor Mineral Concessional Rules, 1967
  25. Indian Citizenship Act, 1955
  26. SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act
  27. Press and Registration of Books Act, 1867 3
  28. The Kerala Land 'Tax Act, 1961
  29. Kerala Land Tax Rules, 1972
  30. Kerala Plantation Tax Act
  31. Kerala Building Tax Act
  32. Kerala Plantation Tax Rules
  33. Kerala Revenue Recovery Act, 1968
  34. Kerala Revenue Recovery Rules, 1968
  35. Kerala Land conservancy Act, 1957
  36. Kerala Land Conservancy Rules, 1958
  37. Kerala Land Utilization Order, 1967
  38. Kerala Land Development Act, 1964
  39. Kerala Land Development Rules 1977
  40. Kerala Land Relinquishment Act, 1958
  41. Kerala Land Relinquishment Rules, 1958
  42. Kerala Land Assignment Act, 1960
  43. Kerala Land Assignment Rules, 1964 .
  44. Assignment of Land in Municipal and Corporation Area Rules, 1995
  45. Arable Forest Land Assignment Rules, 1970.
  46. Rules for the Assignment of Government Lands for, Rubber Plantation, 1960
  47. The Kandu krishi Land Assignment Rules, 1958
  48. Rules for Assignment of Land for Industria1Purposes.
  49. Rules for Assignment of Govt Land for settlement of Agricultural Labourers
  50. Bhoodan Assignment Rules, 1962
  51. Co - Operative colonization Scheme Rules, 1971
  52. High Range Colonization SchemeRules; 1968 (Idukki)
  53. Rules for Lease of Government Land for Cardamom cultivation, 1961 (Devikulam, Udumbanchola and Peerumedu Taluks)
  54. Rules for Lease of Government Land for Tobacco Cultivation
  55. Rules for Lease of Land to Government Offices and Bunglow .
  56. Waste Land Rules for Sale for Coffee and Tea cultivation, 1974
  57. Settlement Scheme Patta Rules
  58. Kuthakappattam Rules, 1947
  59. Wayanadu colonization Scheme Rules, 1969(Ambalavayal, Nenmeni and Sultan Battery villages) .'
  60. The Kerala Land Acquisition Act, 1961
  61. The Kerala Land Acquisition Rules, 1963
  62. The Requisition and Acquisition of Property Act, 1955
  63. The Requisition and Acquisition of Property Rules, 1960
  64. The Transfer of Registry Rules, 1966 .
  65. The Treasure Trove Act, 1968
  66. The Kerala Escheats and Forfeitures Act, 1964
  67. The Kerala Escheats and Forfeitures Rules, 1965
  68. The Kerala Treasure Trove Rules, 1971
  69. The Kerala ST's (Restriction on Transfer of Lands and Restoration of Alienated Lands) Act, 1975 .
  70. The Kerala ST's (Restriction on Transfer of Lands and Restoration of Alienated Lands) Rules, 1986
  71. Arms Rules
  72. Explosives Act
  73. Explosives Rules
  74. Sree Pandaravaka Lands (V & E) Act, 1974
  75. Sree Pandaravaka Lands (V & E) Rules
  76. Sreepadam Lands (V & E) Rules, 1970
  77. Kerala Service Inam Lands (V & E) Act, 1981
  78. Kerala Service Inam Lands (V & E) Rules, 1981
  79. Kannan Devan Hills (Resumption) Act
  80. Kannan Devan Hills (Resumption) Rules
  81. Rules for Sanction of Financial Assistance to TB Patients
  82. Rules for Sanction of Financial Assistance to Leprosy Patients
  83. Rules for Sanction of Financial Assistance to Cancer Patients
  84. Rules for Sanction of Freedom Fighter Pension
  85. Rules for Sanction of Pension to Circus Artists
  86. Rules for Sanction of Pension to Men of Arts and Letters ..
  87. Rules for Sanction of Pension to Ex-1andlords.
  88. Kerala Land Refonns Tenancy Rules, 1970 .
  89. Kerala Land Reforms (Vesting and Assignment) Rules, 1970
  90. Rules for Grant of Land improvement and Agricultural Loan
  91. Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act
  92. Thiruppuvaram Payment (Abolition) Act, 1960
  93. Jenmikaram Payment (Abolition) Act, 1960
  94. Kerala Stamp Act.
  95. Indian Stamp Act
  96. Kerala Building Lease and Rent Control Act.
  97. Kerala Land Reforms Kudikidappukar's Benefit Fund Rules, 1970
  98. Kerala Land Reforms. (Agricultural Rehabilitation Fund) Rules, 1973
  99. Kerala Land Reforms (Payment of compensation for Excess lands) Rules, 1974
  100. Kerala Private forests (V & A) Act, 1971
  101. Kerala Cardamom Estate owners Registration Rules
  102. Negotiable Instruments Act
  103. Child Marriage Restraint Act
  104. Public premises (Eviction of unauthorized Occupants) Act
  105. Environmental Protection Act
  106. The Place Worship Act
  107. Gas Cylinder Act
  108. The Cinematograph Act, 1952
  109. The Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act
  110. The Debt Relief Act.
  111. The Co - Operative Societies Act
  112. The Mental Health Act, 1987
  113. The Juvenile Justice Act 116. The Children (Pledging of Labour) Act
  114. The Court Fees and Suit Valuation Act
  115. The Kerala Shops and Commercial Establishment Act
  116. The Kerala Cinema Regulation Act
  117. The Indecent Representation of Women (Prevention) Act
  118. The Essential Commodities Act, 1955
  119. The Kerala Abkari Act
  120. Kerala Abkari Rules
  121. The Indian Telegraph Act
  122. The Indian Electricity Act
  123. Cable Television Network (Regulation) Act
  124. Administration of Evacue Property Act
  125. The Representation of Peoples Act, 1951
  126. Kanam Tenancy (Abolition) Act
  127. Kanam Tenancy (Abolition) Rules
  128. Rules for Appointment of Physically Disabled Persons in Government Service
  129. Rules for issue of Record of Rights to occupants of Puramboke Land
  130. Kerala Land Reforms (Trial of Offences by TLB) Rules, 1976 . '. I',
  131. Kerala Land Reforms (Re-determination of Purchase Price and Compensation or Annuity) Rules, 1980
  132. Kerala Land Reforms Ceiling Rules, 1970
  133. Indian Penal Code, 1861 137. Indian Evidence Act
  134. Medical Jurisprudence
  135. The Ancient Monuments Preservation Act, 1904
  136. Ancient Monuments and Archeological Sites and Remains Act, 1958
  137. General Clauses Act, 1897 ,
  138. The Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act 1886
  139. Census Act, 1948 .
  140. The Cattle Trespass Act, 1871
  141. The Children Act, 1960
  142. The Christian Marriage Act, 1872
  143. Explosive Substances Act, 1908
  144. The Army Act, 1954
  145. The Registering of Birth and Deaths Rules, 1970
  146. The Kerala Government Servants Conduct Rules, 1960
  147. The Jenmikaram Transfer of Registry Rules
  148. The Sreepadam Land Enfranchisement Act, 1969
  149. The Cinema Regulation Rules, 1988
  150. Kerala Payment of Subsistence Allowance Act
  151. Kerala (SC/ST) Regulation of Issue of Community Certificates Act
  152. Kerala 'Tax' on Luxuries Act
  153. Kerala Tax on Luxuries Rules
  154. Kerala Payment of Subsistence Allowance Rules
  155. Hindu succession Act
  156. Muslim Marriage Act
  157. Power of Attorney Act
  158. Transfer of Property Act
  159. Limitation Act
  160. Criminal Rules of Practice
  161. Civil Procedure Code
  162. Minimum Wages Act
  163. Minimum Wages Rules
  164. Prevention of Cruelty towards Animals Act, 1960
  165. Pension Act, 1871
  166. Pension Rules, 1983
  167. Public Records Act, 1993.
  168. Indian Succession Act
  169. Employees Provident Funds Act, 1952
  170. Employees State Insurance Act, 1948
  171. Store Purchase Manual 176. Right to Information Act, 2005
  172. Co - Operative Societies Act
  173. Kovalam Palace (Taking over by resumption) Act
  174. The Registration of Electors Rules, 1960
  175. The Conduct of Election Rules, 1961
  176. The Election Symbols (Reservation and allotment) Order, 1968
  177. The Delimitation Act, 2002
  178. The Prohibition of simultaneous membership rules, 1950
  179. The Parliament (prevention of disqualification) Act, 1959
  180. The Legislative Assembly (Removal of Disqualification) Act, 1951
  181. The Kerala Anti-Social Activities (Prevention) Act,2007
A/C Account
A/D Acknowledgement Due
AAM Area Alteration Memorandum
AC Assistant Commissioner
AD Anno Domini
ADC Assistant Development Commissioner
ADM Additional District Magistrate
adm Administration
advt Advertisement
AG Advocate General
AIS All India Service
AIT Agricultural Income Tax
ALC Appeal Land Complaint
AM Ante Meridiem
AN After Noon
AVA Additional Village Assistant
BDO Block Development Officer
BLO Booth Level Officer
BT Basic Tax
BTR Basic Tax Registers
BW Bailable Warrant
CA Chartered Accountant
CA Confidential Assistant
CAG Comptroller and Auditor General
CB Call Book
CC Calender Case
CC Collection Charge
CCA City Compensatory Allowance
CF Court Fine
CF Current File
CI Circle Inspector
CID Criminal Investigation Department
CJM Chief Judicial Magistrate
CL Casual Leave
CM Chief Minister
CMA Civil Micellaneous Appeal 
CMP Civil Micellaneous Petition
CP Commissioner of Police
CP Central Prison
CP Counter Petitioner
CPC Civil Procedure Code
CR Confidential Report
CrPC Criminal Procedure Code
CSD Central Stamp Depot.
CSO Central Survey Office
CSR Civil Service Regulations
CWs  Court Witnesses 
D DIS Destroy Disposal
D/O Delinquent Officer
DA Daily Allowance
DA Darness Allowance
DC District Collector
DCB Demand collection and Balance Statement
DCRG  Death cum Retirement Gratuity 
DEO District Educational Officer
DIO District Informatics Officer
DIO District Information Officer
DM District Magistrate
DMO District Medical Officer
DN Demand Notice
DO Demi-Official Letter
DoB Date of Birth
DoD Date of Death
DSAB  District Soldier's and Airmens Board 
DSLR Director of Survey and Land Records
DT Deputy Tahsildar
DT(HQ) Deputy Tahsildar(Head Quarters)
DVS Detailed Valuation Statement
DWs  Defendant's Witnesses 
DY.SP Deputy Superintendennt of Police
EC Encumbrance Certificate
EDC Election Deputy Collector
EDL  Earned Leave 
EDM instrument Electronic Distance Measuring Instrument
EDT Election Deputy Tahsildar
EL Earned Leave
EM Executive Magistrate
EP  Execution Petition 
EPF  Employees Provident Fund 
EST Eastern Standard Time
EW East West
FAO Food and Agricultural Organisation
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
FBS  Family Benefit Scheme 
FCI Food Corporation of India
FIR First Information Report
FIS First Information Statement
FMB Field Measure Book
FN Fore Noon
FO Finance Officer
FYP Five Year Plan
GIS  Group Insurance Scheme
GO Government Order
GO  Gazetted Officer 
GO (MS) Government Order (Manuscript)
GO (P) Government Order (Printed)
GO (Rt) Government Order (Routine)
GP Government Pleader
GP Government Proceedings
GPF  General Provident Fund 
GPO General Post Office
GS Government Store
GT station Great Trigonometrical station
HC High Court
HC Head Clerk
HD Head Draftsman
HG Higher Grade
HH His Highness
HH Her Highness
HMO Head Ministerial Officer
HPL Half Pay Leave
HQ Head Quarters
HRA  House Rent Allowance 
HS Huzur Sheristadar
HS Head Surveyor
i/c in charge
IA Interim Application
IA  Interlocutory Application 
IAS Indian Administrative Service
IBMS Internet Based Messaging System
IGP Inspector General of Police
ILDM Institute of Land and Disaster Management
IMG Institute of Management in Government
IO  Interlocutory Order 
IPC Indian Penal Code
IPS Indian Police Service
IQ Intelligence Quotient
IST Indian Standard Time
IT Income Tax
IT  Information Technology 
JFM Judicial First Class Magistrate
JS Junior Superintendent
KAC  Kerala Account Code 
K DIS Keep Disposal
KBT Kerala Building Tax
KIRTADS Kerala Institute for Research Training And Development Studies
of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes
KFC Kerala Financial Code
KG Kilogram
KG Kindergarten
KSR  Kerala Service Rules 
KVA Kilo Volt-Ampere
KW Kilo-watt
L DIS Lodged Disposal
LA Land Assignment
LA Land Acquisition
LAA Land Acquision Appeal
LAC  Land Acquisition Case 
LAO Land Acquisition Officer
LAR Land Acquisition Reference
LC Land Conservancy
LDC Lower Division Clerk
LDT Lower Division Typist
LGS Last Grade Servant
LIGHS Lower Income Group Housing Scheme
LP Late Permission
LPC Last Pay Certificate
LR Land Reforms
LRM Land Record Maintenance
LROBT Land Revenue Other than Basic Tax
LT Land Transfer
LT Land Tribunal
LT Land Tax
Ltd Limited
LWA Leave Without Allowance
MA  Mileage Allowance 
MACT Motor Accident Claim Tribunal
MC Miscellaneous Case
MC Minor Circuit
MC Main Circuit
MC Medical Certificate
MD Managing Director
MGP Modernising Government Programme
MIGHS Middle Income Group Housing Scheme
ML Maternity Leave
MLA Member of Legislative Assembly
MLC Member of Legislative Council
MO Money Order
MO Material Object
MO Medical Officer
MOP  Manual of Office Procedure 
MP Member of Parliament
Mr. Mister
Mrs. Mistress
NB nota bene
NBW Non-Bailable Warrant
NDC National Development Council
Ndis Non disposal
NF Note File
NGO Non Gazetted Officer
NGO  Non Government Organisation 
NIC National Informatics Centre
NLC Non Liability Certificate
No. Number
NOC No Objection Certificate
NSS National Service Scheme
OBC Other Backward Community
OC Office Copy
OEC Other Eligible Community
OK orl korrect
OP Original Petition
OS Original Suit
P&T Post and Telegraph
PA Personal Assistant
PCA Permanent Conveyance Allowance
PCA Police Constable
PGRC Public Grievance Redressal Cell
PIL Public Interest Litigation
PLR Preparation of Land Records
PM Post Meridiem
PM Prime Minister
PMG Post Master General
PO Post Office
POA Power of Attorney
PP Public Prosecuter
PP Personal Pay 
PR Personal Register
PRD Public Relation Department
Prox. Proximo(in the next month)
PS Postsript
PSC Public Service Commission
PTA Permanent Travelling Allowance
PTI Press Trust of India
PTO Please Turn Over
PTS Part Time Sweeper
PUC Paper Under Consideration
PV Pokku Varavu
PWD Public Works Department
PWs  Plaintiff's Witnesses 
R DIS Retain Disposal
RDO Revenue Divisional Officer
RI Revenue Inspector
RI Rigorous Imprisonment
RMF  River Management Fund 
RO Returning Officer
RP Revision Petition
RPF Railway Protection Force
RR Revenue Recovery
RTR Remittance Transfer Receipt
SAP Special Armed Force
SC Sessions Case
SC Supreme Court
SC Scheduled Caste
SDL  Special Disability Leave 
SDM Sub Divisional Magistrate
SF Stock File
SGT Senior Grade Typist
SI Sub Inspector
SIDCO State Industrial Development Corporation
SLI  State Life Insurance 
SLP Special Leave Petition
SP Superintendent of Police
SR Service Register
SS Senior Superintendent
ST Service Register
ST Scheduled Tribe
ST Sales Tax
ST Case Summary Trial Case
STD Subscriber Trunk Dialling
STO  Sales Tax Officer 
SVO Special Village Officer
TA Travelling Allowance
TB Tuber Culosis
TB Traveller's Bunglow
TB Tubercle Bacillus
TCS Travancore Civil Service
TDR Treasury Deposit Receipt
TP Thandaper
TPO Town Planning Officer
TR Transfer of Registry
UC Upper Case
UDC Upper Division Clerk
UDT Upper Division Clerk
ult ultimo (in the last month)
UO Note Un Official Note
VA Village Assistant
VIP Very Important Person
VLA Valuation Assistant
VM Village Man
VO Village Officer
VOC Village Officers Certificate
VVIP Very Very Important Person
WA Writ Appeal
WHO World Health Organisation
WP Writ Petition
WWO  Women Welfare Officer 
X 'mas Christmas
X 'tian Christian

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