Chengannur Taluk

Lowest Area- 141.19  Sq. Km.
Lowest Population with 1.97 lakhs
Population in rural area
Total - 170780
Males- 82247
Females- 88533
density - 1332 persons per sq. km.
Density of Population 1393 persons per Sq.Km.
Sex-ratio - 1074
Urban population  4.24% of the total urban population of the district

[ These details are as per 1991 census]



  Villages Offices Location
1. Ala On the Northern side of the road about 250 M south to the Ala Higher Sec. School Jn. on Chengannur-Mavelikkara Road via Ala.
2. Chengannur Near by Chengannur Taluk Office on Thiruvalla-Adoor MC Road about 100 M east to Eng.College Jn.
3. Cheriyanad On the eastern side of the road at Kadaikad Jn. 500 M north to Kollakadavu Junction on Mavelikkara-Cheriyanad-Chengannur-Kozhencherry M.K. Road
4. Ennakkad On the northern side of the road, opposite to Budhanur panchayat Office near by Ennakkad Jn. on Chengannur-Harippad road via Ennakkad.
5. Kurattissery On the northern side of the road about 200 M west to Mannar Govt. Hospital on the Mannar-Pavukkara Road    about 200 M north-west to the Mannar-Store Junction on Mavelikkara-Thiruvalla State Highway.
6. Mannar Nearer to Vayanasala Jn. and On the southern  side of road about 150 M east to the Mannar Panchayat Office Jn. on Mannar-Chengannur Road via Budhanoor from Mannar Store Junction on Mavelikkara-Thiruvalla state highway.
7. Mulakkuzha On the eastern side of the road about 100 M north to Mulakkuzha Panchayat office Jn on Thiruvalla-Chengannur-Adoor MC Road.
8. Pandanad 1.5 Km west to the Chengannur-Parumala Road via Pandanad, west to the PuthenVeettilpadi Junction nearer to north Over Bridge of Chengannur Rlwy.Sation on Adur-Thiruvalla MC Road
9. Puliyoor On the northern side of the road nearer to Pathulakkuzhy Bridge about 100 M east to Puliyoor Vadakke Mukku on Mavelikkara-Kozhenchery Road via Chengannur.
10. Thiruvanvandoor On the eastern side of Adoor-Thiruvalla MC Road, between Irappuzha Bridge and Kallissery Junction
11. Venmony On the road side north to the Sharngakkavu Devi temple on Mavelikkara-Kulanada Road via Venmony


Places of importance


Chathankulangara in Chengannur town is known for the famous temple dedicated to Narasimha. The Vattezhuthu inscription engraved in its entrance records the consecration and execution of repairs of the temple which has been assigned to 14th century. The presence of elegant wood carving of artistic perfection depicting he puranic scenes connected with Sree Rama and Sree Krishna is the peculiarity of this temple.


Chengannur , the headquarters of the taluk as well as the revenue division is a municipal town situated on the Main central road (M.C.Road). The area is fertile through which Pamba and Achan Kovil rivers flow. It is a trading centre in the agricultural products such as paddy, coconut, banana, sugarcane etc. which are largely grown in this district. The important spinning mills viz. Prabhuram Mills ltd. is located here. There are two hills called Pandavan para and Nattuvan para. There is a small temple dedicated to Sree Krishna on Pandavan para which is known for its mythological importance and Hindus believe that pandavas had been there during their 12 years of Vanavasa. The boat race at Erapuzha in the river Pamba on the Thiruvonam day is also famous.

Chengannur is popularly known for its famous temple dedicated to Lord Siva and Parvathy. There is unique periodic 3 day ceremony called 'Thripputhu' observed in this temple. The annual festival in this temple in December-January lasts for 28 days and sometimes even longer, if the Thripputhu ceremony occurs in the mean time.

It is also a seat of ancient Orthodox Syrian Christians. It is famous for granite carving.


Mannar, situated nearly 8 Km north of Mavelikkara is a well known Khadi Industries centre under the auspices of Gandhi Smaraka Nidhi. It is a place of innumerable temples of which the Siva emple 'Thirukkurathi' is the most important. The temple is famous for its exquisite wood carving of puranic scenes. The important Bhagavathy temple at Kuttamperur is noted for its fine wood carving and there is a 'chithalputtu (termitary) in the premises, where Kroshtamuni, the legendary founder of the temple is believed to have entered Samadhi. There is a temple dedicated to Sun and Saraswathy which are very rare in Kerala. The famous Parumala Church where the mortals of Mar Gregorious are preserved is situated very close to Mannar which attracts large number of pilgrims. There are two mosques one of which is Iramathu Jamayath which is supposed to be about 600 years old. Mannar is famous for copper and brass utensils.


Situated on the banks of Manimala and Pamba rivers, Thiruvanvandoor is famous Hindu Pligrimage centre. the Vishnu shrine here is believed to have been consecrated by the legendary Bhrigu Muni in Thiruvanvandoor. It is mentioned that this place is one of the five sacred places where the image of tVishnu was worshiped by Pandavas during their vanavasa. The annual festival is celebrated in the Tiruvaimozhi of Nammalvar, the great Tamil Saint assigned to 9th century.

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